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Cakes are available at MyCochin with the below given flavours;
which are ready to serve with basic style and quantities...

* Freshcream cakes are allowed to keep in room temperature for maximum of 2 hours, or else keep it refrigerated.

My Cochin

My Cochin

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Brand History

The Cake Baker of Idukki

Cochin Bakery has a grand history of over three decades with a mouth flavouring tastes for Idukkians and people who visit highrange. Continuing the success and serving the taste with 26 branches all over the district.
Whereas My Cochin at Central Junction - Kattappana has been established five years ago. While experimentation is important in innovative flavours, seasonal specials, customization, texture play, exotic ingredients and visual Appeal we ensure that the quality and taste of items remain consistently excellent to build a loyal customer base with always better feedbacks.

Quality of Taste

It's important to trust your own palate and preferences while also being open to trying new flavors and experiences. We seek feedback from customers; provides valuable insights into the quality of taste, especially we're trying to refine our culinary skills.

Experienced Experts

An experienced baker's expertise is a combination of knowledge, skill, and a deep passion for baking. Their ability to consistently produce high-quality baked goods and adapt to various challenges sets them apart in the world of baking.

Made With Love

It senses not only the quality of the food but also the passion and personal touch of the baker. It creates a sense of trust and authenticity that can be appealing to customers seeking homemade, artisanal, or heartfelt baked goods.

Modal Cakes

Modal cakes typically refer to cakes that feature intricate or artistic designs, often made from different colors and layers of cake, frosting, and decorations.

Customise Your Modal

You can choose any flavour and design modal and or customise according to your wish. Also you can send us your photo/video modal with requirements to our whatsapp.

Modal cakes are made only according to pre-order with 50% of advance amount. Price of modal cakes are subjected to weight and modal of the cakes regardless of the flavours used.


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